Soundbite | April 22, 2014

2014 TLT Symposium video recordings

2014 Symposium for Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) keynote speaker and session recordings — such as Biology without Borders, Flipping the Classroom, Using GradeMark and more — are available on the TLT Symposium website.

Soundbite | April 22, 2014

Behind the screens at Penn State

Digital data and the networks that move it have become essential to the behind-the-scenes operation of nearly every aspect of college life, from student housing to human resources to heating and even to the University’s dairy cows. Connecting sleek smartphone apps and old-school mainframes, the networks that run Penn State’s giant campus are in a constant state of change.

Soundbite | April 22, 2014

Eyes in the sky – 2,000 cameras monitor campus

Currently, more than 2,000 security cameras are in use on the University Park campus with more being added with every construction project. The cameras are monitored at University Police headquarters but are not usually tracked live. Instead, monitoring is done by computer programs, which record and store the information for a minimum of 30 days.

Article | April 22, 2014

Follow these tips from the Penn State Sustainability Institute to be more responsible with IT resources.

Soundbite | April 21, 2014

Registration now open for SummerFest

Registration is now open for a special week of workshops on teaching technologies and more. Each year, the SummerFest event gives faculty, instructors and staff the opportunity to participate in free, online workshops on teaching technologies, such as ANGEL, and many other multi-purpose technologies, such as iPads, Yammer, Sites at Penn State and more. The event takes place during the week after finals, from May 12–16, and all SummerFest courses are delivered live online via Adobe Connect, making it easy to attend from anywhere.

Soundbite | April 18, 2014

Lunar Lion commences rocket engine testing

The Penn State Lunar Lion team, seeking to land a spacecraft on the moon by 2015, recently completed the important step of successfully testing its rocket engines.

Soundbite | April 18, 2014

Twitter posts betray illness

Tweets reveal whether you have influenza, according to Penn State researchers who have created a system for making an accurate influenza diagnosis based on an individual's publicly available Twitter data. 

Soundbite | April 17, 2014

Registration now open for ARIA workshops

Registration is now open for the upcoming “Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) Workshop” taking place on May 21-22. The ARIA Suite of applications defines a way to make web content and web applications more accessible to people with disabilities.

Soundbite | April 17, 2014

Tripwire donates cybersecurity analytics cloud service to Penn State

The College of Information Sciences and Technology has received a multi-million dollar donation of software from Tripwire, a security company, for use in the school's Center for Cyber Security, Information Privacy and Trust. The LIONS Center, as it's called, performs inter-disciplinary research in cybersecurity and privacy.

Article | April 17, 2014

Undergraduate students gathered in the HUB on April 9 to display their research via posters and video clips.